Monday, January 21, 2013

Garbrielle Goodrow's Farm Visit

The Desteni farm for me was a place where I would want to live and have my children live based on the fact of how the people are conducting themselves there. The basis of what we are walking within Desteni is treating others equal to yourself as how you would want to be treated as well as living in practicality within common sense and doing what is best for all life. I appreciated the farm because all the people there are dedicated to these principles and lived them in their day to day life with no mention of it, but the proof was in the co-habitation of all that lived there. I can say that all were willing to do what was necessary to be done to keep the environment functioning and all the different life cared for, we all did our fair share of the responsibilities and we all benefitted equal from this with an awesome, supportive, and harmonious community environment. 

What I most enjoyed was the daily responsibilities and I will walk through a typical day so you can get the jest of what it is like as a typical day and really how ‘normal’ it is there.

Firstly I would take care of the horses, this was done first thing in the morning, this included cleaning their stables and taking a walk to the neighbors field where they grazed. It was great interacting on a daily basis with the horses because I had never done that before, I learned a lot by just living among them and from Cerise, who knows a lot about horses and their care, so I learned a great deal from her and she is very funny, so it was enjoyable. Before I came to the farm I feared horses, so it was cool facing that fear and transcending it, I will definitely work with horses again and advocate equal rights for all animals until it is here.

After horses we worked on farm duties, this was mostly physical work which I much prefer then being in an office setting, which I did for my job back home; sometimes we would pick weeds, sometimes we would work in the nursery and take care of the vegetables, planets, herbs, sometimes cut grass and take it to the compost, I realized there was always something to do and with cooperation and all taking responsibility to do a part, a lot could get done and really anything is possible if all take a part and see it to it’s completion, and in this case the farm stayed lush, clean, and functioning for all there.

We then had cleaning responsibilities, everyone had a cleaning responsibility as like a scheduled duty each day, the awesome part about the farm is that there was no fighting, no complaining, no laziness, everyone just took an assignment and did their share realizing that this was necessary if the farm was to stay in as a healthy environment for all. There were over 15 people staying there, 18 dogs, more then that of cats, 10 horses, many chickens, ducks, geese, birds, and other life that needed care and balance within their living environments. So everyone did their share, and the farm was operating awesomely.

Obviously when this occurs were all consider the group and take responsibility to do their share of the work, a whole new system can be created, even implementing daily responsibilities in your daily life will set you on the track to see the benefit in this and help create your environment more functioning and stable.

So my daily cleaning jobs were doing the garbage, getting the dogs food sorted, clean water and keeping their bowls sterile, and taking the left over food scrapes from the previous day to the chickens. Their were always moments that were interesting and funny during each day’s activities, one I enjoyed allot was when feeding the chickens, they would see me coming once I took my first step towards them, and they would all collect by the fence with their heads popped up watching me, about 25 or so chicken heads following my every step. All 25 or so greeted me at the door and as I got in they ran, really fast, flying through a small little opening to get to were I threw the food so they could be the first ones to get at the food. I would throw a bit in different areas, so all got a fair chance to eat equally. Interestingly enough, they loved egg shells, never knew that, but the egg shells they fought over.

Another daily activity was that we would all have breakfast together, every night people had duties to cook, and those who’s cooking day it was would make breakfast for everyone, so after work, you would come in to a nice bowl of oatmeal and some coffee, it was most welcomed after the physical work was done. Those who cooked breakfast cooked dinner, so it was equally given for all to do, and all got to benefit with a variation of foods to eat at dinner and a hearty breakfast after doing our responsibilities, which was always delicious. I learned a lot of new recipes and really got an itch for cooking while I was there, as I had never really been one to cook.

Usually we would have interviews with Sunette after this, and this I really am glad I got to experience and suggest all who are able to go to the farm, to go, as this is something that has greatly assisted in expanding my view on what it means to be a human being and thus what is possible as a human being, and obviously is a one of a kind opportunity that supports yourself and life in general. It was very interesting seeing how the portal operates with the different beings going in and out. Also to be able to discuss the interviews real time with Sunette or whoever came through at that time and get feedback with any questions or points we had pertaining to the interview or really anything that came up. So that was very interesting and a cool opportunity to sit with the dimension, and walk with them for three months as they dedicate themselves completely to a new world that is best for all through education, it’s something that I will take with me and always be grateful for their unconditional support.
After interviews, I usually sat by the pool and rested in the sun (if it was out), where I would either take a cat nap, do some breathing exercises, chatted with people, or did some self forgiveness. The dogs were always up for some play time as well, so I ran around with them often and we all got some exercise, they were great fun. The cats mostly kept to themselves, when they wanted affection they would let you know, very practical and stable beings. Very cool to live among all the animals at the farm was one of the most enjoyable parts for me.

Then I would do computer work, I had a desk in the main house lounge we’re people would gather and have coffee, work, relax, eat, and chat, so their were a lot of supportive and interesting chats within the days I was there, and I learned a lot just sitting at my desk, listening, asking questions, giving perspective, and just being involved in the conversations. Bernard would support with points that I didn’t see or didn’t realize or was suppressing, so he was great to be around and learn from, even if he was supporting another, it always supported me, so it was great to just be there and live. Usually after we got our blogs up and all of our responsibilities done at the end of the night, we would watch a movie or a show, then I would go to bed.

What I took away from the farm visit was how a community of people can live, create practical schedules and routines to take care of daily responsibilities needed such as maintenance, cooking, cleaning, animal care, plant/fruit care, and many others that makes the farm function, and all the while supporting and assisting many beings all over the world through keeping all the internet points working, productive, and benefitting as many as possible. It pushed me within myself to realize that I am more then capable to create myself in the most effective way possible and create practical solutions for when I get back home to live and co-exist with others in my world. I realized through learning through the beings on the farm and my own practical application, that stopping all the thinking and becoming physical was the best way to become the best I can be, pushing myself in the physical tasks each day because the physical, living in the physical, is were things get done and in my three months at the farm, we got a lot done! 


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  1. awesome!!!!
    I can relate to many of the points shared here,
    thanks Garb